GOES-T’s launch has been delayed to February 16th.


NESDIS recently announced GOES-T’s launch has been delayed to February 16th,2022. I have posted the entire NOAA – NESDIS PPT slide presentation regarding the upcoming February GOES-T launch, Post-Launch Testing (PLT), drift, a parallel period including possible GRB interleave, and the (projected) transition to GOES Operations below.

This is a lot to ingest, below is the summary:

  • Transition plan swaps GOES-17 with GOES-18 as the operational GOES-West satellite Assumes successful launch and checkout of GOES-T/18
  • Incorporates early drift of GOES-18 to the West operational longitude
  • Allows for early operational use of GOES-18 ABI after Beta maturity is achieved
  • The transition plan incorporates RF conflict mitigation between GOES-17/18 X-band and T&C uplinks/downlinks
  • Users do not need to re-point antennas
  • GOES-18 will be drifted to 136.8W to complete instrument PLT activities
  • 0.4 deg offset from GOES-17 allows X-band RDL downlink from both G17/G18
  • 0.2 deg offset from 137.0W meets ground product generation requirements
  • Both GOES-17 and GOES-18 images will be re-mapped to 137.0W
  • GOES-18 ABI data available to support August GOES-17 ABI warm period
  • GOES-18 ABI data available via Cloud interface and interleaving with GOES-17 non-ABI product data
  • After the operational transition, GOES-18 is nudged over to 137.2W
  • GOES-17 drifted to 105W and placed in on-orbit storage.
Anticipated GOES-T Timeline

GOES T Transition from Launch to Operations Timeline PowerPoint View as PDF.

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