Cool and Unusual Captures

Day after day, my little satellite station keeps chugging along, in rain, snow, freezing temps, hot temps, birds sitting on the antennas, tough existence. But is it really? Compared to the extremes GOES goes through – A vast range of temperatures, with some parts reaching 87ºC and others dropping as low as -55ºC. And the Polar Orbiting Sats? Well they whiz around the Earth in their orbits, going from hot to cold almost hourly! And in the case of poor Meteor MN2-2, it was just minding it’s own business when BOOM, a micrometeorite slammed into it- Depressurization caused gas that was inside and used for heat transfer to leak out. Resulting in some devices onboard overheating, while others did stop working. No More APT for that bird!

Then at other times, satellites might overheat, or cool down to much, or, drift off-axis so that the cameras and sensors are not pointing at the earth, but rather across the earth, or into space. This seems to happen to Meteor MN-2 from time to time and to the degraded MN2-2. And if you are in the right place at the right time and tuning in and decoding, you can get some of these odd captures. Here are some oddities that I have captured!