Ground Station Map

I am compiling a map of hobbyists who pursue the reception of satellite signals and imagery. This map uses ESRI map tiles for the global map, and Leaflet/OpenMap code and geoJSON files for GIS information; Map imagery is scalable down to 50M/300FT. If you would like to have your ground station placed on the map, please fill out the form below: I would have liked to let each person place their own pin on the map, but I tried that before, and spammers ruined it, so I will approve then enter each submission as they come in.

As of June 2024 there are 111 private stations on the map!

Blue Markers are Amateur Ground Stations

Red Markers are Government or Research Ground Stations

Reloading or refreshing the page may be necessary to see recent additions as the data is loaded from a geoJSON file.
You can zoom in or out with the mouse wheel, (or pinch on a mobile device). Locations are clustered, zooming in, or clicking on a cluster will expand the view.

Map view GOES East&West & Himawari8 including Infrared, Visible and Nexrad Radar.

You can choose the underlay you wish to view, then by clicking on the boxes, you can choose the overlay from the satellite products listed. Note that some of this imagery is coming from my own server, so a tile may or not be available as it is processed in the background. The zoom functions of the overlays are equal to the resolution of the imagery. So, zooming in too much will automatically disable the layer as you zoom past its native resolution.

Add your Ground Station to the map.

Your email will NOT be displayed or used and is not required, but it will help if I have questions about your information.

Ground Station Submission Form:

You can be as specific as you wish, or just enter the town, village, or city Latitude (Latitudes to the south of the equator are negative). ONLY numbers accepted in this field.
You can be as specific as you wish, or just enter the town, village, or city Longitude (to the west of the prime meridian (Greenwich) are negative). ONLY numbers accepted in this field.
Not required, nor will it be shared! If entered you should get an email confirming your information, if not, please check in your spam folder. privacy policy is located here:

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