High-Resolution Imagery using GRB and various software tools.

What started as an experiment turned into a very slick method for rendering a high-resolution satellite image using channel 02 Visible grey scale GOES-16 imagery.

A colleague of mine granted me access to his GRB satellite system. Using a WinSCP script, I FTP into the imagery server automatically each day at 17:30 UTC and download one GRB image from his server and save it to my server. Then, using a combination of Sanchez and Xplanet software to combine and process the imagery with a Geo Color static underlay (the nderlay is updated by Date, time and season) and the ch02 visible imagery.

This process, using both pieces of software allows me to create a high-resolution image with accurate specular lighting from the sun at the satellite’s high-noon position. Adding a bump map with elevation data for the land masses then creates, through the blended imagery, a textured surface, which allows features such as mountains and lowlands to accurately show shadows and light.

The imagery is then labeled with the date, filename, and my ‘brand’ using Image Magick. This whole process is run automatically via a batch script, and scheduled to run every day autonomously.

Sanchez software was originally designed to run with HRIT IR imagery, but I have made some modifications to run it with CH02 HRIT imagery, and this is where the idea of using GRB imgery sprang from. An example of HRIT processed imagery is here: Software and Coding for Post Processing of Imagery

Here is the Daily 1700 UTC GRB Enhanced Imagery from GOES-16:
You will need to click the image to see it in full resolution and then zoom in with your browser.

GOES 16 June 25, 2024 17:00:20 UTC 11390×11390 pixels

Static Example of GOES 18, (Not Live or updated)