Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
Carl Sagan

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Conveniently located on the third planet orbiting Sol
(a G-type yellow dwarf star).

September 30, 2022 11:21 am
  • Groups that focus on Weather Sat Reception
    There are quite a bit of us hobbyists out there on the planet (See the map of hobbyists here!), that focus on and share techniques, images, software, guides etc. If you’re interested in learning about or sharing what you know, here’s a list to get you started with groups! Geo-Stationary Weather Satellite Group on Facebook […]
  • False Color Imagery
    GOES, Himawari, Meteosat, FENGYUN, Elecktro and other Satellites don’t “see” in color, they all basically “see” in various greyscale IR bands, There are two visible bands, blue and red. These two wavelengths are named relative to their location on the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. While these visible images would appear in blue and […]
  • Software and Coding for Post Processing of Imagery
    Receiving satellite imagery all by itself is interesting science and, for many of us a great hobby. Setting up your satellite receiving station, whether for GOES-R series satellites, or Himawari, FY2 or FY4, GEO-KOMPSAT-2A, Elektro-L series and others, getting the images is, in my opinion, just the start! Like NOAA, EUMETSAT, ROSCOSMOS, KMA, and other […]
Hunga Tonga Eruption 1.15.2022
Current SUVI Imagery Space Weather

GOES West and GOES East
GOES Satellite Imagery Received by Author

This site is designed by me to help out folks like you, use radios, namely Software-Defined Radios or SDR’s for experimenting, scanning, decoding, etc. Of particular note- Radio reception of Polar Orbiting Satellites, and Geo Stationary Satellites. As I experiment and learn more, I add to this site all the little interesting things I pick up. I am interested in learning all about this stuff, and I just want to “pay it forward” and help out others who might be interested in trying this out.

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I am just someone who likes to experiment with a lot of different tech. From old tube radios to the latest in SDR.

I am a history buff, and a technology geek, born 100 years too late and 100 years too early. I hope this site helps you out in exploring just some of the interesting things software-defined radio can offer.

You’ll find links to my different pages on the menu at the top of every page. This is continually updated, so stop back sometime and have a look!

And now for something completely different… I have been interested in science, and space in general because of one influential man, Carl Sagan. Since I read his books, Cosmos, Contact, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space, Broca’s Brain, and saw him lecture, I have always felt the need to look deeper and to look up, if for no other reason, than to just “wonder”.