GOES-East Transition Plan


Swap of GOES-16 and GOES-U/19

GOES-U on the way to the Space X Hangar

With the launch of GOES-U scheduled for June 25, 2024, NOAA has created a Transition to Operations (T2O) plan that they will follow along with NASA, and private sector partners like Lockheed Martin, Space X, and L3 Harris.

The T20 is provisional based upon a timely and successful launch.

Key Points and dates for GOES 16:

  • GOES 16 will remain operational at 75.2°W until March 17, 2025. At that time it will be drifted to a position of 75.5°W (while maintaining operations).
  • GOES 16 at 75.5°W will continue operational in this co-location position from April 1st 2025 to April 4th, 2025.
  • GOES 16 will shut down X-Band and S-Band Downlinks, including HRIT and GRB on April 4th, 2025.
  • GOES 16 will then begin drift maneuvers to a position of 105°W at 0.5°/day max drift rate.
  • On June 4th,2025 GOES 16 will arrive ad 105°W, undergo routine testing, and then be placed in Storage Mode (On Orbit Spare). GOES-17 will be drifted to 89.5°W after GOES-16 is confirmed to be on location and in Storage Mode.

Key Points and dates for GOES U/19:

  • GOES-U will be Launched on a Space X Falcon Heavy on June 25th, 2024. The launch window opens at 5:16 PM EDT on Tuesday, June 25th, from Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
  • GOES-U on orbit raising will be conducted from June 4th through July 24th, 2024. GOES-U will arrive at 89.5°W for Post Launch Testing (PLT).
  • GOES-U will become GOES-19 and will continue PLT from July 25th, 2024 through January 25th, 2025. During this time NOAA will release the “First Light” imagery in both Visible and IR from 89.5°W. GRB will be turned on as well as L1b upon successful data maturity.
  • On January 28th, 2025 the Handover Readiness Review will be conducted.
  • On January 29th, 2025 GOES-19 handover to NOAA will be completed.
  • The GOES-19 Pre Drift Product Checkout will be conducted from January 29th, 2025 through March 17th, 2025. From March 10th through March 29th GOES 17 will also conduct its on-orbit storage checkouts.
  • GOES-19 will be drifted at 1°/day to 75.2°W from March 17 through April 1st, 2025. GRB will be OFF during the maneuver.
  • GOES-19 X-Band and S-Band downlink will be on for colocation operations with GOES-16.
  • Post Drfit Product Checkout for GOES-19 will be conducted from April 1st through April 4th, 2025. On April 3rd, 2025 GOES-19 will have its Operational Readiness Review.
  • April 4th, 2025GOES-19 will be declared operational as GOES-East. GRB/HRIT/EMWIN will begin Nominal Distribution. SAR and DCS will be transitioned to GOES-19