What is a VLOG?

Vlogging is like blogging, but with videos instead of words. Instead of typing out your thoughts, you can express yourself through film. It’s as if YouTube and Instagram had a baby – and it was super cute. Not to say that my VLOGS are super cute, but I hope at least you learn a little something. I’ll be sharing some videos, of setups, tutorials, guest hobbyists, guest professionals, etc. But I am going to try and keep it light, informative, and a little entertaining! While I don’t think Kevin Costner or Brad Pitt have to worry about the new (old) kid in town! Although, my wife does frequently say that I am, in fact, a Stud Muffin. 70% Muffin, 30% Stud!

I thought it would be fun to start a vlog for usradioguy.com so without further adieu, here they are: USRADIOGUY VLOGS on YouTube

Welcome to USRadioguy,com VLOGS 02.16.2323
The Kessler Effect VLOG 02.16.2023
A look at my outdoor dishes and antennas.
What is Open-source software? And what are the applications I use for imagery processing?
Day/Night image creation. An explanation of the two snippets of code pulled from my rather lengthy script, that pertain to just the xplanet and Sanchez processes. There are many variables to consider in creating such an animation, including the projection type, opacities, brightness, sun position, resolution, date, and time settings in UTC, etc.

Quick demonstration using layers within Satdump, and a quick offline processing of an APT wav file.

More to come!

One of the purposes of USRadioguy.com is to provide technical information and resources related to Amateur Radio and Satellite Reception of weather and other satellites. The site also provides product reviews and news updates related to the satellite and radio industry.