Details for a specific satellite can be found at the end of the frequencies descriptions.

List of Satellite Frequencies by Band

VHF Band

  • 136 – 138 MHz:  This band was used heavily by many different types of satellites in the past. Today (2012), most activity is restricted to 137-138 MHz (which is the current allocation) and consists of meteorological satellites transmitting data and low-resolution images, together with low data rate mobile satellite downlinks (eg Orbcomm)
  • 144 – 146 MHz:  One of the most popular bands for amateur satellite activity. Most of the links are found in the upper half of the band (145 – 146 MHz).
  • 148 – 150 MHz:  This tends to be used for uplinks of the satellites that downlink in the 137 – 138 MHz band.
  • 149.95 – 150.05 MHz:  This is used by satellites providing positioning, time and frequency services, by ionospheric research and other satellites. Before the advent of GPS it was home to large constellations of US and Russian satellites that provided positioning information (mainly to marine vessels) by use of the Doppler effect). Many satellites transmitting on this band also transmit a signal on 400 MHz.
  • 240 – 270 MHz:  Military satellites, communications. This band lies in the wider frequency allocation (225 – 380 MHz) assigned for military aviation.

UHF Band

  • 399.9 – 403 MHz:  This band includes navigation, positioning, time and frequency standard, mobile communication, and meteorological satellites. Around 400 MHz is a companion band for satellites transmitting on 150 MHz.
  • 432 – 438 MHz:  This range includes a popular amateur satellite band as well as a few Earth resources satellites.
  • 460 – 470 MHz:  Meteorological and environmental satellites, includes uplink frequencies for remote environmental data sensors.

L Band

  • 1.2 – 1.8 GHz: This frequency range includes a very diverse range of satellites and encompasses many sub-allocations. This range includes the GPS and other GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems – Russian Glonass, European Galileo, Chinese Beidou). It also hosts SARSAT/COSPAS search and rescue satellites which are carried on board US and Russian meteorological satellites. It also includes a mobile satellite communication band.
  • 1.67 – 1.71 GHz:  This is one of the primary bands for high resolution meteorological satellite downlinks of data and imagery.
    S Band
  • 2.025 – 2.3 GHz: Space operations and research, including ‘deep space’ links from beyond Earth orbit. This encompasses the Unified S-band (USB) plan which is used by many spacecraft, and which was also used by the Apollo lunar missions. It also includes military space links including the US Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP). Many Earth resources (remote sensing) satellites downlink in this band.
  • 2.5 – 2.67 GHz: Fixed (point-to-point) communication and broadcast satellites, although the broadcast allocation is only used in some Asian and Middle-eastern countries.

C Band

  • 3.4 – 4.2 GHz:  Fixed satellite service (FSS) and broadcast satellite service (BSS) downlinks. International TV broadcast uses this allocation heavily.
  • 5.9 – 6.4 GHz: This is the FSS/BSS uplink for the 3.4-4.2 GHz downlink band.

X band

  • 8 – 9 GHz:  This is used heavily for space research, deep space operations, environmental and military communication satellites. Many satellites/spacecraft carry complementary S and X band transmitters.

Ku band

  • 10.7 – 11.7 GHz: Fixed satellite services (FSS)
  • 11.7 – 12.2 GHz: Broadcast satellite service (BSS) downlinks. This band is used for domestic TV programs.
  • 14.5 – 14.8 GHz: The uplink for the previous Ku downlink band.
  • 17.3 – 18.1 GHz:  An alternate ‘Ku’ band BSS uplink.

‘Ka’ band

  • 23 – 27 GHz: A region that will be used increasingly by a variety of fixed link, broadcast, environmental and space operations satellites in the future as more bandwidth is required than can be provided in the lower bands. The disadvantage of this band is the increased absorption due to water vapour and rain. Not very useful for tropical regions of the Earth.

Latest Update by JE9PEL
AO-1 (Oscar-1)214  144.983CW r
AO-2 (Oscar-2)305  144.983CW r
AO-3 (Oscar-3)1293145.975-146.025144.325-144.375 SSB CW i
AO-4 (Oscar-4)1902432.145-432.155144.300-144.310431.928SSB CW r
AO-5 (Oscar-5)4321 29.450144.050CW i
AO-6 (Phase-2A)6236145.900-146.00029.450- 29.550435.100SSB CW i
AO-7 (Phase-2B)7530145.850-145.95029.400- 29.50029.502A *
AO-7 (Phase-2B)7530432.125-432.175145.975-145.925145.970B C *
AO-7 (Phase-2B)7530 2304.100435.100D(RTTY) i
AO-8 (Phase-2D)10703145.850-145.90029.400- 29.50029.402SSB CW i
AO-8 (Phase-2D)10703145.900-146.000435.200-435.100435.095SSB CW i
UO-9 (UoSAT-1)12888 145.825/435.0252401.000SSB CW r
—–  (Phase-3A) 435.153-435.277145.962-145.838145.810SSB CW f
AO-10 (Phase-3B)14129435.030-146.180145.975-145.825145.810SSB CW i
UO-11 (UoSAT-2)14781 145.826/435.0252401.500(V)FM (S)PSKUOSAT-2*
MIR16609145.985145.985 PacketR0MIR-1r
FO-12 (JAS-1)16909145.900-146.000435.900-435.800435.795SSB CW i
FO-12 (JAS-1)16909145.85/87/89/91435.910 1200bps JAS8J1JASi
RS-12 (COSMOS 2123)2108921.210- 21.25029.410- 29.45029.408SSB CW i
RS-13 (COSMOS 2123)2108921.260- 21.300145.860-145.900145.862SSB CW i
AO-13 (Phase-3C)19216435.423-435.573145.975-145.825145.812SSB CW r
UO-14 (UoSAT-3)20437145.975435.070 FM i
UO-15 (UoSAT-4)20438  435.120CW r
AO-16 (PACSAT)20439145.920437.026 FM USB i
AO-16 (PACSAT)20439145.920437.0262401.1431200bps JASPACSAT-11 -12i
DO-17 (DOVE)20440 145.8252401.2201200bps AFSKDOVE-1i
WO-18 (WEBERSAT)20441 437.104/437.075 1200bps PSK i
LO-19 (LUSAT)20442145.840-145.900437.125/437.150437.125CW carrierLUSAT-11  -12i
FO-20 (JAS-1b)20480145.900-146.000435.900-435.800435.795SSB CW i
FO-20 (JAS-1b)20480145.85/87/89/91435.910 1200bps JAS8J1JBSi
AO-21 (RS-14)21087 145.800145.8221200bps BPSK CW i
NOAA-1221263 137.620/1701.000   w
UO-22 (UoSAT-5)21575145.900/145.975435.120 9600bps FSKUOSAT5-11 -12i
KO-23 (KITSAT-A)22077145.900/145.850435.175 9600bps FSKHL01-11 -12i
AO-24 (ARSENE)22654 145.9752446.5401200bps AFSK i
KO-25 (KITSAT-B)22828145.980/145.870436.500436.5009600bps FSKHL02-11 -12i
IO-26 (ITAMSAT)22826145.875-145.950435.822/435.867435.7911200bps JASITMSAT-11 -12i
AO-27 (EYESAT-A)22825145.850436.795 1200bps AFSK FM *
PO-28 (POSAT)22829145.925/145.975435.075/435.275 9600bps FSKPOSAT1-11 -12i
NOAA-1423455 137.620/1701.000   w
FO-29 (JAS-2)24278145.900-146.000435.900-435.800435.795SSB CW DigiTalker *
FO-29 (JAS-2)24278145.85/87/89/91435.910 1200bps JAS8J1JCSi
MO-30 (UNAMSAT-B)24305 435.138 1200bps BPSK i
NOAA-1525338 137.620/1702.500   w
TO-31 (TMSAT-1)25396145.925/145.975436.925/436.900436.9259600bps FSKTMSAT1-11 -12i
GO-32 (TechSat-1B)25397145.850/145.930435.225/435.325 9600bps FSK4XTECH-11 -12*
SAFIR-S25399  2401.9009600bps FSKDP1AISi
SO-33 (SEDSAT-1)25509 437.910 9600bps FSKSEDSAT-1i
PO-34 (PANSAT)25520436.500436.500 Spectrum i
ISS25544145.825145.825 1200bps AFSKRS0ISS ARISS*
ISS25544145.990437.800 FM tone 67.0Hz *
ISS25544145.990145.800 SSTV u
ISS25544145.200145.800 Voice(Reg 1)NA1SSi
ISS25544144.490145.800 Voice(Reg 2 3)NA1SSi
ISS25544435.050145.800 FM tone 67.0Hz i
ISS25544437.550437.550 1200bps AFSKRS0ISS-4  -11i
SO-35 (SUNSAT-1)25636436.291145.825/2250.000145.8259600bps FMSUNSAT-3i
UO-36 (UoSAT-12)25693145.960437.400/437.025 38400bps FSKUO121-11 -12i
AO-37 (ASUSAT)26065145.960/145.980435.700 9600bps FSK i
OO-38 (OPAL)26063 437.100 9600bps FSKKF6RFXi
WO-39 (JAWSAT)26061145.860437.070/437.175 9600bps FSK i
NOAA-1626536 137.620/1701.000   w
AO-40 (Phase-3D)26609  2401.323400bps PSK i
SO-41 (SaudiSat-1a)26545 436.775 9600bps FSKSASAT1-11 -12i
SO-42 (SaudiSat-1b)26549 436.075 9600bps FSKSASAT2-11 -12i
SO-43 (Starshine)26929  145.8209600bps FSKSTRSHNr
NO-44 (PCSAT-1)26931145.827145.827 1200bps AFSK(A) W3ADO-1*
NO-44 (PCSAT-1)26931435.250145.827 9600bps FSK(A) PCSAT-1i
NO-44 (PCSAT-1)26931 144.390 1200bps AFSK(B) PCSAT-11i
NO-44 (PCSAT-1)26931 144.390 9600bps FSK(B) PCSAT-12i
NO-45 (Sapphire)26932145.945437.100 1200bps AFSKKE6QMDi
MO-46 (TiungSat)26548145.850/145.925437.325 38400bps FSKMYSAT3-11 -12i
BO-47 (IDEFIX)27422 145.840 400bps BPSK i
BO-48 (IDEFIX)27422 435.270 400bps BPSK i
NOAA-1727453 137.500/1701.000   w
AO-49 (Rubin-2)27605435.275145.825 U/1200 D/9600 MSK i
SO-50 (SaudiSat-1c)27607145.850436.795 FM tone 67.0Hz *
DTUsat-127842  437.4752400bps AFSK CWOZ2DTUi
QUAKESAT27845 436.682 9600bps FSKKD7OVBi
AAUSAT-127846 437.450 9600bps GMSK i
CANX-127847 437.880 1200bps AFSKVA3SFLi
AO-51 (Echo)28375145.920435.300435.150FM tone 67.0Hz i
AO-51 (Echo)28375145.860/145.8802401.200435.1509600bps FSKPECHO-11 -12i
AO-51 (Echo)283751268.700435.150 9600bps FSKPACB-11  -12i
VO-52 (Hamsat)28650435.220-435.280145.930-145.870145.936SSB CarrierIndiani
VO-52 (Hamsat)28650435.225-435.275145.925-145.875145.860SSB CWDutchi
PCSAT-2 145.825435.275437.9759600bps FSKPC2TLMr
NOAA-1828654 137.9125/1707.000   w
UWE-128892 437.505 1200bps AFSKDP0UWEi
XO-53 (SSETI)28894 437.250 9600bps FSKSSETI1i
AO-54 (SuitSat-1)28933 145.990 FM u
CO-55 (CUTE-I)27844 437.470436.8381200bps AFSK CWJQ1YCY*
CO-56 (CUTE1.7)28941 437.505437.3821200bps AFSKJQ1YPCr
CO-56 (CUTE1.7)289411268.500437.505437.3829600bps GMSK r
CO-57 (XI-IV)27848 437.490436.8481200bps AFSK CWJQ1YCW*
CO-58 (XI-V)28895 437.345437.4651200bps AFSK CWJQ1YGW*
NCUBE-228897 437.305 9600bps FSKLA1CUBi
AeroCube-1  902/928 9600bps GFSK f
HAUSAT-1  437.465 1200bps AFSKD90HPf
ICEcube-1  437.305 9600bps FSKW2CXMf
ICEcube-2  437.425 9600bps FSKN2VRf
ION  437.505 1200bps AFSK f
KUTESat Pathfinder  437.385 1200bps AFSKKC0RMWf
Mea Huaka’i Voyager  437.405/5.840GHz 1200bps AFSK f
MEROPE  145.980 1200bps AFSKK7MSU-1f
NCUBE-1  437.305 9600bps GMSKLA1CUBf
PICPOT  437.485 9600bps FSK f
PICPOT  2440.000 10kbit GFSK f
CP-1  436.845 15bps DTMF f
CP-2  437.325 1200bps AFSK f
RINCON  436.870437.3451200bps AFSKWA4CEWf
SACRED  436.870 1200bps AFSKWA4CEWf
SEEDS  437.485 1200bps AFSKJQ1YGUf
HO-59 (HITSAT)29484145.980437.425437.2751200bps AFSKJR8YJTr
GeneSat-129655 437.065/437.100437.0651200bps AFSKKE7EGCr
NMARS29662148.97527.965 1200bps FM USB r
NO-60 (RAFT)29661145.825145.825 1200bps AFSKRAFTr
NO-61 (ANDE)29664145.825145.825 1200bps AFSKANDE-1r
NO-62 (FCAL)29667 437.385 1200bps AFSKKD4HBOr
PO-63 (PehuenSat)29712 145.825 1200bps AFSKLU1YUCi
FalconSAT-330776145.840435.103 9600bps GMSKPFS3-11 -12*
CSTB-131122 400.038 1200bps AFSK i
MAST31126 2400.000-2483.500 FHSS i
LIBERTAD-131128 437.405 1200bps AFSK5K3Li
CP-331129 436.845 1200bps AFSK i
CAPE-131130 435.245 1200bps AFSKK5USL*
CP-431132 437.325437.3251200bps SSB CWN6CPi
AeroCube-231133 902-928 9600bps GFSK i
CO-65 (CUTE1.7+APDII)32785 437.475437.2751200bps AFSK CWJQ1YTC*
CO-65 (CUTE1.7+APDII)327851267.600437.475 9600bps GMSKJQ1YTCi
COMPASS-132787 437.405437.2751200bps AFSK CWDP0COMi
AAUSAT-232788 437.426 1k2 MSK 9k6 FSKOZ2CUB*
DO-64 (DELFI-C3)32789 145.870 1200bps BPSKDLFIC3*
DO-64 (DELFI-C3)32789435.530-435.570145.920-145.880145.930SSB CWDLFIC3i
CANX-232790 437.478 GMSKVA3SFLi
CANX-232790 2200.000/2407.650 32Kbps-256Kbps BPSKVA3SFLi
CO-66 (SEEDS-II)32791 437.485437.4851k2AFSK CW DigiTalkerJQ1YGU*
PRISM (HITOMI)33493 437.425437.2501k2AFSK 9k6GMSK CWJQ1YCX*
KAGAYAKI33495 437.375437.3759600bps FSK CW i
SOHLA-1 (MAIDO-1)33496 437.505437.5051200bps AFSK CWJL3YUSi
STARS (KUKAI mother)33498 437.485437.3051200bps FM CWJR5YBN*
STARS (KUKAI daughter)33498 437.465437.2751200bps FM CWJR5YBO*
KKS-1 (KISEKI)33499 437.445437.3851200bps AFSK CWJQ1YYY*
NOAA-1933591 137.100/1698.000   w
ANUSAT34808  137.4001200bps AFSK Carrier r
PharmaSat-135002 437.465 1200bps AFSKKE7EGCi
CP-635003 437.365437.3651200bps AFSK CWN6CPi
HawkSat-135004 437.345 1200bps AFSK i
DRAGONSat (AggieSat-2)35690 436.250 19200bps FSK r
DRAGONSat (BEVO-1)35690 437.325 9600bps FSK r
ANDE-2 (Pollux)35693 145.825 1200bps AFSKPOLLUX-1r
ANDE-2 (Castor)35694 145.825 1200bps AFSKKD4HBO-1r
METEOR-M135865 137.100/137.900 72Kbps  QPSK w
SO-67 (SumbandilaSat)35870145.875435.345435.300FM tone 233.6Hz i
SwissCube-135932 437.505437.5051200bps BFSK CWHB9EG1*
BEESAT-135933 436.000 4k8/9k6 GMSKDP0BEEi
UWE-235934 437.385437.3851200bps AFSK CWDP0UWFi
ITUpSat-135935 437.325437.32519200bps GFSK CWITUPSAT*
HO-68 (XW-1 CAS-1)36122145.925-145.975435.765-435.715 SSB invertingBJ1SA-11 -12i
HO-68 (XW-1 CAS-1)36122145.825435.675 FM tone67Hz i
HO-68 (XW-1 CAS-1)36122  435.790CWBJ1SA*
KSAT36573 S Ku-band 10kbps 1Mbps n
WASEDA-SAT236574 437.485437.4851200bps PCM-FSK CWWASEDAr
Negai*”36575 437.305437.3051200bps AFSK CWJQ1ZEXr
UNITEC-136578 5840.0005840.0001200bps AFSK CWJQ1ZUNd
StudSat36796437.505437.505437.8619600bps FSK CW i
TIsat-136799145.980437.305145.980FM AFSK PSK CWHB9DEi
RAX-137223 437.505 9600bps GMSKRAX-1i
O/OREOS37224 437.305 1200bps AFSKKF6JBPi
FO-69 (FASTRAC-1)37227145.825437.345 1200bps AFSKFAST1i
FO-69 (FASTRAC-1)37227145.980437.345 9600bps FSKFAST1i
NanoSail-D237361 437.270 1200bps AFSKKE7EGCr
FO-70 (FASTRAC-2)37380435.025145.825 1200bps AFSKFAST2i
FO-70 (FASTRAC-2)37380437.345145.825 9600bps FSKFAST2i
CAERUS  437.600 1200bps AFSKKJ6FIX-1u
E1P (Explorer-1 Prime) 437.305437.505 1200bps AFSK f
Hermes  437.425 1200bps AFSK f
KySat-1 145.850436.790 1200bps AFSK f
ARISSat-1 (SuitSat-2)37772435.742-435.758145.938-145.922145.919FM linear/inverting r
ARISSat-1 (SuitSat-2)37772 145.950145.950FM VOICE/SSTV/Telemetry r
ARISSat-1 (SuitSat-2)37772 145.918145.919BPSK-1000/CWRS01Sr
ARISSat-1 (SuitSat-2)37772 145.939145.939BPSK-400/CW r
RASAT37791 437.400 9600bps FSKRASAT0-11 -12i
Jugnu37839 437.505437.276CW i
SRMSAT37841145.900437.500437.425CW i
RAX-237853 437.345 9600bps GMSK i
AO-71 (AubieSat-1)37854 437.475437.4731200bps AFSK CW i
E1P-U237855437.305437.498 1200bps USB(AFSKdecode)K7MSU-1*
M-Cubed37855 437.485 9600bps GMSK *
LARES38077     n
ALMASat-138078 437.465/2407.850 1200bps FSKALMASATi
e-st@r38079 437.445 1200bps AFSKE-STAR-Ii
Goliat38080 437.485437.4851200bps AFSK CWYO7MJFi
MO-72 (MaSat-1)38081 437.345437.345625/1250bps 2GFSK CWHA5MASATr
Xatcobeo38082 437.365/145.940437.3651200bps FFSK SSR CW r
PW-Sat138083435.020145.900145.9021200bps BPSK FM CWVOIDi
Robusta38084 437.325 1200bps FM i
UNICubeSAT38085 437.305 9600bps FSK i
HORYU-238340 437.375437.3751200bps FSK CWJG6YBWi
PROITERES38756 437.485437.4851200bps AFSK CWJL3YZLi
AENEAS38760 437.600 1200bps AFSKKE6YFA-1*
CSSWE38761 437.349 9600bps GMSKCSSWE7i
CXBN38762 437.525 9600bps GFSK i
CP-538763 437.405437.4051200bps AFSK CWCP5i
RAIKO38852 2.285GHz 13GHz2285.00038.4Kbps-500Kbps BPSK n
FITSAT-138853 437.445/5.84GHz437.2501200bps/115.2KbpsJG6YEWr
TechEdSat-138854 437.465437.4651200bps FM CWKJ6TVOr
F-138855 145.980437.4851200bps FM AFSK CWXV1VNr
WE_WISH38856 437.515437.5052400bps FM SSTV CWJQ1ZIJr
AAUSAT-339087 437.425437.4254800bps FSK CWOZ3CUBi
STRaND-139090 437.568 9600bps GMSK *
BRITE-AUSTRIA (CanX-3B)39091 145.890/437.3652234.40032Kbps-256Kbps BPSK i
UniBRITE (CanX-3A)39092 145.890145.890CW i
Bion-M139130     n
OSSI-139131 437.525145.9801200bps AFSK CW u
AIST-2 (RS-43)39133 435.215435.265FM CW i
SOMP39134 437.485437.5031200bps AFSK CWDP0TUD*
BEESAT-339135 435.950435.9504800bps GMSK CWDP0BEGi
BEESAT-239136 435.950435.9504800bps GMSK CWDP0BEFi
BELL (PhoneSat1)39142 2401.200-2431.200437.4251200bps AFSKKJ6KRW-1r
Dove-1/239143 145.8252420.0001200bps AFSK r
ALEXANDER (PhoneSat2)39144 2401.200-2431.200437.4251200bps AFSKKJ6KRWr
GRAHAM (PhoneSat1)39146 2401.200-2431.200437.4251200bps AFSKKJ6KRW-2r
NEE-01 Pegaso39151 910.000(bandwidth 25M AMTV-CW SSTV n
TURKSAT-3USAT39152145.940-145.990435.200-435.250437.225SSB CW i
CubeBug-139153 437.445437.4381200bps AFSKCUBEB1i
EstCube-139161 437.505/2401.250437.2549600bps GMSK CWES5E-11 ES5E/Si
CUSat-139266 437.405 1200bps AFSKBOTTOMi
DANDE39267 436.750 9600bps GMSKDANDE-2i
CUSat-239271 437.485 1200bps AFSKWG2XTIi
PhoneSat2.439381 2401.200-2431.200437.4251200bps AFSKKJ6KRWr
CAPE-2 (LO-75)39382145.825145.822/437.325145.8251200bps AFSK CW VoiceW5UL-15r
DragonSat-139383 145.870 9600bps FSK i
KySat-239384 437.405437.4029600bps FSKKK4AJJi
TJ3Sat39385  437.320CW i
NPS-SCAT39389 2401.200-2447.600437.5251200bps AFSK CWK6NPSi
COPPER39395 2403.000-2403.400437.2909600bps FSK i
Black Knight-139398 437.345   i
Trailblazer-139400 437.425 9600bps FSK i
SwampSat39402 437.385 9600bps FSK i
Ho’oponopono-239403 427.220 9600bps FSK GMSK i
ChargerSat-139405 437.405 9600bps FSK i
Vermont Lunar39407 437.305 9600bps FSKW1VTC2r
ArduSat-139412 437.325437.0009600bps MSK CWWG9XFC-1r
PicoDragon39413 437.2501200bps AFSK CWXV9PIDr
ArduSat-X39414 437.345437.0079600bps MSK CWWG9XFC-Xr
TechEdSat-339415 437.465437.4651200bps AFSK CW i
ZACube-139417145.860437.35514.0991k2AFSK/9k6GMSK CW123456*
OPTOS39420     n
UniSat-539421 437.175/437.425 9600bps GMSK i
WNISAT-139423 467.674   n
Triton-139427435.xxx145.818/145.8232408.0001200bps RC-BPSK CWTRIV0 TRIV1i
Delfi-n3Xt39428 145.870/145.9302405.0002400bps BPSK MSK i
Delfi-n3Xt39428435.530-435.570145.880-145.920 SSB i
Dove-339429     n
GOMX-139430 437.250437.2501k2/2k4/4k8/9k6GMSK CW *
BRITE-PL39431 437.365/2234.400145.89032Kbps-256Kbps i
ICUBE-139432435.060145.947 1200bps BPSK/FM-DSB i
Humsat-D39433 437.325/437.525437.325CW i
Dove-439434     n
Wren39435 437.405437.4051200bps FSK CW i
Eagle-2 ($50SAT MO-76)39436 437.505437.5059600bps GFSK RTTY CW r
Eagle-1 (BeakerSat-1)39437 437.465 9600bps GFSK i
VELOX-P239438437.305145.980145.9801200bps BPSK CW i
First-MOVE39439435.520145.970145.9701200bps BPSK CWMOVE1i
CubeBug-2 (LO-74)39440 437.445 1k2AFSK 9k6FSKCUBEB2-6*
NEE-02 Krysaor39441 980.000(bandwidth 25M   n
PUCP-SAT-139442145.840145.840/437.200 1200bps AFSK i
Qubescout-S139443 437.525 9600bps GMSK i
AO-73 (FUNcube-1)39444435.130-435.150145.970-145.950145.9351200bps BPSK *
HiNCube39445 437.305   i
UWE-339446 435.000/436.395/437.38 9600bps GMSK CWDP0UWGi
FIREBIRD-139463 437.405 19200bps FSKK7MSUi
FIREBIRD-239464 437.230 19200bps FSKK7MSUi
ALICE39467  GFSK n
MCubed-239469 437.479 9600bps GMSKNOCALL*
CUNYSAT-139470 437.505437.5059600bps GMSK CW i
IPEX (CP-8)39471 437.270437.2709600bps GMSK CWKJ6KSL-1i
AIST-1 (RS-41)39492  435.265CW i
Pocket-PUCP  437.200437.2001200bps AFSK CW i
TetherSat  437.100/437.305 9600bps GFSK i
SkyCube39567 915.000 57.6Kbps n
LitSat-139568435.135-435.165145.965-145.935 SSB r
LitSat-139568435.550145.845435.1389600bps FSK CWLY1LSr
LituanicaSAT-1 (LO-78)39569145.950435.176 FM tone 67.0Hz r
LituanicaSAT-1 (LO-78)39569145.850437.543437.2759600bps FSK CWLY5Nr
ArduSat-239570  9600bps MSK CCSDSWG9XFC-2r
UAPSat-139571145.980437.385 1200bps AFSKOA0UAP-1i
ShindaiSat39572 437.305437.4851200bps AFSK CWJR0ZSTr
ITF-139573  437.525CWJQ1ZLOr
OPUSAT39575 437.154437.1541k2AFSK 9k6GFSK CWJL3ZCAr
TeikyoSat-339576 437.450437.4501200bps AFSK CWJQ1ZKMr
ARTSAT1-INVADER (CO-77)39577 437.200437.3251k2AFSK DigiTalker CWJQ1ZKKr
KSAT239578 S Ku-band 200Kbps 1Mbps G1D n
STARS-II (Mother)39579 437.405437.2451200bps AFSK CWJR5YDXr
STARS-II (Daughter)39579 437.425437.2551200bps AFSK CWJR5YDYr
SporeSat39681 2401.200-2431.200437.1001200bps AFSK u
TSAT (TestSat-Lite)39682     u
All-Star/THEIA39683 2401.700 256Kbps BPSKCOSGC1ASu
PhoneSat2.539684 2401.200-2431.200437.4251200bps AFSKKJ6KRWr
KickSat39685 2401.000-2436.200437.5051200bps AFSKKD2BHCr
Sprites  437.240/437.325 125bps  MSK u
UNIFORM-139767 2228.000   n
SOCRATES39768     n 1200bps 9600-96000bps n
SPROUT39770 437.525437.5251k2AFSK 9k6GMSK CWJQ1ZJQ*
SPROUT39770437.600437.600 Digipeater Digitalker SSTV *
UniSat-640012 437.421 9600bps GMSKII0US*
BugSat-140014 437.445 9600bps GMSKLU7AA*
SaudiSat-440016   Ka-band SSB i
TabletSat-Aurora40017 435.550/436.100437.0509600bps GMSK D-STAR i
Duchifat-140021435.220145.825/145.980145.9801200bps BPSK CW4X4HSLi
PACE40022 437.485437.4851200bps AFSK CW i
NanosatC-Br140024 145.865145.8651200bps BPSK CWNCBR1i
QB50p1 (FUNcube-3 EO-79)40025435.047-435.077145.965-145.935145.8151200bps BPSK CW SSBQB50P1i
POPSAT-HIP140028 437.405437.4051k2 9k6 CCSDS CWPOPSATi
DTUsat-2400301268.9002401.8352401.8609k6CPFSK/1k2 19k2 38k4MSK CWOZ2DTU*
QB50p2 (EO-80)40032435.080145.880/145.840145.8801200bps BPSK CW FMQB50P2i
ANTELSat40034 437.575/2403.000437.2801k2 AFSK GFSK/MSK CWCX1SATi
Perseus-M240037 400.190/400.221 9600bps GFSKCQn
Perseus-M140039 400.160/400.170 9600bps GFSKCQn
PolyITAN-140042 437.677437.6779600bps BFSK CWEM0UKP*
TigriSat40043 435.000 9600bps FSKHNATIG*
ESTELLE  U S-band 5.8GHz 1Mbps-10Mbps GFSK BPSK u
UNSA-SAT1  3.4GHz 230Kbps BPSK u
AISat40054 437.250437.511CWDP0AISi
CanX-440055 145.890/2234.400437.36532Kbps-256Kbps BPSK i
CanX-540056 145.890/2234.400437.36532Kbps-256Kbps BPSK i
VELOX-I40057 145.980145.9809600bps FSK CWVELOXIi
IiNUSat 145.950436.915 1k2 9k6 BFSK u
METEOR-M240069 137.100/137.900 72Kbps  QPSK w
DX-140071144.975-145.025434.975-435.025438.2259600bps GFSKDAURIAi
UKube-140074435.060-435.080145.960-145.940 SSB i
UKube-140074 145.805/2401.000145.8401200bps BPSK CWUKUBE1i
FUNcube-240074435.060-435.080145.950-145.930145.9151200bps BPSK i
myPocketQub  437.425-437.525   u
Chasqui-140117 437.025 1k2AFSK 9k6GMSK i
4M-LXS  145.980 WSJT-JT65BLX0OHBd
RACE  437.525437.52538k4bps GMSK CW f
GOMX-2  437.250 9600bps MSK f
Hodoyoshi-140299 467.674 1000bps Unknown n
ChubuSat-140300145.980437.485437.4851200bps 9600bps CWJJ2YJYi
TSUBAME40302 437.505437.2751200bps AFSK CWJQ1ZHXi
SpinSat40314 437.230 9600bps GFSK i
SHIN’EN2 (FO-82)40320145.940-145.960435.280-435.260437.385/437.505SSB WSJT/CWJG6YIGd
ARTSAT2-DESPATCH (FO-81)40321  437.325CWJQ1ZNNd
FIREBIRD-340377 437.396/437.405 19200bps FSKK7MSU*
FIREBIRD-440378 437.219/437.230 19200bps FSKK7MSU*
GRIFEX40379 437.480 9k6/19k2bps GMSKKD8SPSi
ExoCube-1 (CP-10)40380 437.270437.2709600bps FSK CWKK6HGC XO3i
AESP1440389 437.600 9600bps GFSK i
TechEdSat-440455     u
GEARRSat-140456     u
MicroMAS-140457 468.000 1.5Mbit/s OQPSK u
LambdaSat40458 437.462 1200bps AFSK u
USS Langley4065228.120/145.825437.475/435.350 9600bps FSK PSK31 i
PSAT (NO-84)4065428.120/145.825435.350/145.825 1200bps AFSK PSK31PSATr
BRICSAT-P (NO-83)4065528.120435.350437.9759600bps FSK PSK31BRCSATi
LightSail-A40661 437.435 9600bps FSKKK6HIT-1r
PTecSat  436.000/437.000-437.20 1200bps AFSK u
DeorbitSail40719 145.975 1200bps BPSKDOSi
SERPENS40897 145.980/437.365 1k2 MSK/9k6 GFSK CWPY0ESAr
CAS-3A (XW-2A)40903435.030-435.050145.685-145.665145.640/145.6609k6/19k2 GMSK/CWBJ1SB*
CAS-3B (XW-2B)40911435.090-435.110145.750-145.730145.705/145.7259k6/19k2 GMSK/CWBJ1SC*
CAS-3C (XW-2C)40906435.150-435.170145.815-145.795145.770/145.7909k6/19k2 GMSK/CWBJ1SD*
CAS-3D (XW-2D)40907435.210-435.230145.880-145.860145.835/145.8559k6/19k2 GMSK/CWBJ1SE*
CAS-3E (XW-2E)40909435.270-435.290145.935-145.915145.890/145.9109k6 GMSK/CWBJ1SF*
CAS-3F (XW-2F)40910435.330-435.350146.000-145.980145.955/145.9759k6 GMSK/CWBJ1SG*
CAS-3G (DCBB KAITUO-1B)40912 145.475/437.950 9k6 GMSKBJ1SH*
CAS-3H (LilacSat-2)40908144.350/144.390144.390/437.225437.2001k2/4k8/9k6 AFSK/GFSKBJ1SI*
CAS-3I (NUDT-PhoneSat)40900 437.300 9k6 GFSKBJ1SJi
TW-1A (Tianwang-1A SECM-1)40928 435.645 4k8/9k6 GMSK *
TW-1B (Tianwang-1B NJUST-2)40927 437.645 4k8/9k6 GMSK i
TW-1C (Tianwang-1C NJFA-1)40926 435.645 4k8/9k6 GMSK *
LAPAN-A2 (ORARI IO-86)40931145.880/145.825435.880/145.825437.425FM tone 88.5Hz/APRSYBSAT/YBOX-1*
AAUSAT-540948 437.425437.4259600bps GMSK CWOZ5CUBr
GOMX-340949 437.250 4k8/19k2 GMSK r
LQSat40958 437.650/2404.035437.6504k8 MSK/1Mbps QPSK CW i
Fox-1A (AO-85)40967435.182145.980145.980FM CTCSS 67.0Hz/200bps DUV i
BisonSat40968 437.375 9600bps GMSKN7SKC*
ARC-140969 437.5652440.5009600bps 1Mbps CW i
Argus  2403.000-2403.400437.2901200bps AFSK f
EDSN 1-8  2401.200-2431.200437.1001200bps AFSK f
HawaiiSat1 (HiakaSat1)  145.9805437.27059600bps GFSK f
ORS-Squared  437.325 9600bps GMSK f
PrintSat  437.325 9600bps GMSK f
STACEM      f
STU-1  2402.000-2445.000436.3609600bps GMSK f
Supernova-Beta  437.570 1200bps AFSK f
Athenoxat-141168 437.485437.4854800bps GMSK CWATX1*
Galassia41170436.400144.200/145.000145.8009600bps GMSK i
VELOX-241171 145.930145.9301200bps BPSK CWVELOX2i
AggieSat-441313 436.250 9k6/153k6 FSK i
Bevo-241314 437.325 38k4 FSK CW i
ChubuSat-241338145.815437.100437.1021k2 AFSK 9k6 GMSK CWJJ2YPNi
ChubuSat-341339145.840437.425437.4241k2 AFSK 9k6 GMSK CWJJ2YPOi
HORYU-441340 437.375/2400.300437.3751k2 AFSK 9k6 GMSK S-BPSK CWJG6YBW*
OUFTI-141458435.045145.950145.9809600bps DSTAR FSK CWOUFTI-1i
e-st@r-II41459 437.485437.4851200bps AFSK CWE-STAR-IIi
AAUSAT-441460 437.425437.4252k4/9k6/19k2 GFSK CWOZ4CUB*
AIST-2D (RS-48)41465145.831-145.849435.3065-435.3235435.3154800bps PSK CW i
SamSat-218D41466435.590-435.610145.850-145.890145.870TRXSSAU CWSAMSAT-218Di
MinXSS-141474 437.350 9600bps GMSKMINXSSr
CADRE41475 437.485/3404.000 9600bps GMSK 1Mbit OQPSK r
STMSat-141476 437.000/437.800 9600bps GMSK SSTV i
Nodes-241477 437.100/2401.200-2431. 1k2 AFSK 115k2 FSKKE6QLLi
Nodes-141478 437.100/2401.200-2431. 1k2 AFSK 115k2 FSKKE6QLLr
NuSat-1 (LO-87)41557435.935-435.965145.965-145.935145.900SSB CW i
NuSat-1 (LO-87)41557 436.445 9k6/19k2/40k0 GFSK i
NuSat-241558435.935-435.965145.965-145.935145.900SSB CW i
NuSat-241558 437.445 9k6/19k2/40k0 GFSK i
Sathyabamasat41600 145.980 2400bps BPSK CWSNSATi
LAPAN-A3 (IPB)41603 437.425 1200bps FFSK n
BIROS41604 437.525 4800bps GMSK i
Swayam COEP41607 437.025437.0251200bps BPSK CWSWAYAMi
BEESAT-441619 435.950435.9504800bps GMSK CWDP0BEHi
3CAT-241732 145.970/2401.000 9600bps BPSK / 100kbps GMSK i
Pratham41783 437.455145.9801200bps AFSK CWPRATHAMi
ALSat-1N41789 437.646 9600bps FSKAL1Ni
TY-1 (Xiaoxiang-1)41842 437.500/437.5252401.6009600bps GMSK u
Pegasus-1  468.000 FSK u
CAS-2A1/2A2      u
CAS-2T41847145.925435.615435.710FM CWCAS2Ti
KS-1Q41847 436.500 20kbps GMSK i
STARS-C (Mother)41895 437.405437.2451200bps FM CWJJ2YPLr
STARS-C (Daughter)41895 437.425437.2551200bps FM CWJJ2YPMr
BY70-141909145.920436.200 9600bps BPSK FM tone 67.0Hz r
Kaidun-141915 437.600 1200bps BPSKAXNWPU-4*
Tancredo-1 (UbatubaSat)41931 437.200437.2001200bps AFSK CWPY0ETAr
ITF-2 (TO-89)41932 437.525437.5251200bps FM CWJQ1ZTKr
WASEDA-SAT341933 437.290437.2901200bps PCM-FSK CW i
Aoba-VELOX-III41935 437.375437.3751200bps AFSK CWJG6YBWr
TuPOD41936 437.425437.4251200bps GMSK CWTUPODr
Nayif-1 (FUNcube-5 EO-88)42017435.015-435.045145.990-145.960145.9401200bps BPSK SSB *
TechEdSat-542066     r
HAVELSAT (TR02)42700 436.845436.8459600bps GMSK CWON02TRr
SOMP-2 (DE02)42701 437.405 9600bps GMSK i
Columbia (US04)42702 437.055 9600bps GMSKKD8CJTr
SGSat42703 437.450 9600bps FSK u
CXBN-242704 437.075 9600bps FSK r
IceCube42705    u
PHOENIX (TW01)42706 436.915 9600bps GMSKON01TWr
X-CubeSat (FR01)42707145.860437.020 1200bps AFSK FMON01FRr
QBEE (SE01)42708 435.800 9600bps GFSKON01SEr
ZA-AeroSat(AZ01)42713 437.195 9600bps GMSKON01AZi
LINK (KR01)42714 436.030 1200bps BPSKD80LWi
CSUNSat142715 437.400437.4009600bps GMSK CWCSUNSAT1r
UPSat (GR02)42716 435.765 9600bps GMSKGNDi
SpaceCube (FR05)42717145.860436.880 1200bps AFSK FMON05FRr
Hoopoe (IL01)42718 437.740 9600bps BPSKON01ILr
Challenger (US01)42721 437.510 9600bps GMSKQBUS01r
NJUST-1 (CN03)42722 436.570 1200bps BPSKBI4STr
UNSW-EC0 (AU02)42723 436.525/2400.500 4800bps GMSKON02AUr
DUTHSat (GR01)42724 436.420 1200bps BPSKSZ2DUTr
LilacSat-1 (CN02 LO-90)42725145.985436.510 9600bps BPSK FMON02CNr
nSight-1 (AZ02)42726 435.900//2405.000 9600bps GMSKON02AZr
SNUSAT-1b (KR03)42727 435.950 1200bps BPSKON03KRr
QBITO (ES01)42728 436.810 9600bps GFSK r
Aalto-2 (FI01)42729 437.335 9600bps GFSKAALTO2r
SUSat (AU01)42730 436.775 9600bps FSK i
i-INSPIRE II (AU03)42731 436.330 4800bps GMSKON03AUr
PolyITAN-2-SAU (UA01)42732 436.600 9600bps BPSK QBUA01r
SNUSAT-1 (KR02)42733 436.090 1200bps BPSK ON02KRr
ExAlta-1 (CA03)42734 436.705 4k8/9k6/19k2 GMSKON03CAr
AoXiang-1 (CN04)42735 436.150/437.640 9600bps BPSKNPUAX1r
BeEagleSat (TR01)42736 437.370 9600bps GMSKON01TRr
Atlantis (US02)42737 436.390 9600bps GMSKWD8DOXr
CAS-4A (ZHUHAI-1 01)42761435.210-435.230145.880-145.860 SSB *
CAS-4A (ZHUHAI-1 01)42761 145.835145.8554800bps GMSK CWBJ1SK*
CAS-4B (ZHUHAI-1 02)42759435.270-435.290145.935-145.915 SSB *
CAS-4B (ZHUHAI-1 02)42759 145.890145.9104800bps GMSK CWBJ1SL*
UCLSat (GB03)42765 435.975 9600bps GMSKON03GBi
NIUSAT42766 436.000/2240.000 1200bps FSKNIUOBT*
LituanicaSAT-2 (LT01)42768 437.265 9600bps FSKON06GBi
InflateSail (GB06)42770 436.060 1200bps BPSK ON06GBr
Aalto-142775 437.220/2402.000437.2209600bps FSK CWOH2A1S*
URSA MAIOR (IT02)42776 435.950 9600bps FSKURSAMRi
COMPASS-2/DragSail (DE04)42777 437.300/2403.000 1200bps AFSK i
Max Valier Sat42778 145.860145.960/437.325CWII3MV*
Pegasus (AT03)42784 436.670 9600bps GMSKON03ATi
NUDTSat (CN06)42787 436.270 9600bps BPSKBG7AKFi
SUCHAI42788 437.225437.229CWSUCHAI*
skCUBE42789437.100437.100/2401.000437.1009k6GMSK Digipeater CWOM9SATi
VZLUsat-1 (CZ02)42790 437.240437.2404800bps MSK CWVZLUSAT1*
Venta-142791 437.325/2289.250 9600bps FSKYL1VAi
ROBUSTA-1B42792 437.325437.3251200bps AFSK CWFX6FR*
D-SAT42794 437.505437.5054800bps GMSK CWU1-DSAT-U1i
IITMSAT  437.505 19k2 GMSK u
BIRD-J (Japan Toki)42820 437.375437.3721k2AFSK 9k6GMSK CWJG6YJOr
BIRD-G (Ghana GhanaSat-1)42821 437.375437.3721k2AFSK 9k6GMSK CWJG6YJPi
BIRD-M (Mongolia Mazaalai)42822 437.375437.3721k2AFSK 9k6GMSK CWJG6YJQr
BIRD-B (Bangladesh BRAC)42823 437.375437.3721k2AFSK 9k6GMSK CWJG6YJSr
BIRD-N (Nigeria EduSat-1)42824 437.375437.3721k2AFSK 9k6GMSK CWJG6YJRr
TechnoSat42829 435.950435.9504k8/9k6 GMSK CWDP0TBAi
Tomsk-TPU-120  (RS04S)42910 437.025145.8009600bps FSK VoiceRS4Si
Tanusha-SWSU-1 (RS-6S)42911 437.050145.8009600bps FSK VoiceRS6Si
Tanusha-SWSU-2 (RS-7S)42912 437.050145.8009600bps FSK VoiceRS7Si
QIKCOM-1 145.825145.825144.3901200bps AFSKQIKCOM-1i
MakerSat-043016     i
Fox-1B (RadFXsat AO-91)43017435.250145.960145.960FM CTCSS 67.0Hz/200bps DUV *
EagleSat-143018 437.645 1200bps AFSK i
EcAMSat43019 437.095 1200bps AFSKKE6QLLi
TechEdSat-643026     u
OSIRIS-3U43027 437.505 9k6-38k4 GMSK r
LAICE-1  437.505 9600bps GMSK u
SEAM  437.250 9600bps GMSKSA0SATf
D-Star ONE 437.325435.525/435.700 D-Star Telemetry f
INS-1C43116 435.080 1200bps FSKINDUSR-10i
PicSat43132145.910435.525 1200bps BPSK FM i
CNUSail-143133 437.100 9600bps GMSK u
KAUSAT-543135 437.465/2413.000 1200bps BPSK u
Fox-1D (AO-92)43137435.350/1267.350145.880145.880FM CTCSS 67.0Hz/200bps DUV *
STEP Cube Lab (STEP-1)43138 437.485437.4859600bps FSK CW *
Canyval-X 1/2  435.000 9600bps MSK u
TY-2 (Tianyi-2)43155435.350/2403.000/5653.000435.350/2403.000/5833. 9k6 GMSK/5Mbps OFDM *
TY-3 (Tianyi-3)43664435.875/2406.000/565435.875/2406.000/5836. 9k6 GMSK/5Mbps OFDM u
TY-4 (Tianyi-4)43669435.925/2409.000/5659.000435.925/2409.000/5839. 9k6 GMSK/5Mbps OFDM *
TY-5 (Xiaoxiang-5)43553436.025/2412.000/566436.025/2412.000/5842. 9k6 GMSK/5Mbps OFDM u
TY-6 (Quantutong-1)43158436.100/2415.000/566436.100/2415.000/5845. 9k6 GMSK/5Mbps OFDM i
Zhou Enlai (Huai’An-1 HA-1)43156145.930436.950437.350/437.644FM 9600bps BPSKBI4ST*
S-Net A/B/C/D43186-43189 435.950//2263.000 1k2/2k4 FFSKDP0TBBi
D-Star ONE Phoenix43188437.325435.525 D-Star TelemetryDP1GOSi
FMN-1 (FengMaNiu-1)43192145.945435.350 FM  9600bps BPSKBUAABJ*
GOMX-4B43196 400.800   n
GOMX-4A43197 400.800   n
Shaonian-Xing(Juvenile-1F)43199  436.3709600bps BPSKMXSAT-1*
1KUNS-PF43466 437.300 1k2/2k4/4k8/9k6 GMSK r
UBAKUSAT43467145.940-145.990435.200-435.250 SSB i
UBAKUSAT43467 437.325437.2259600bps GMSK CWYM1RASi
Irazu43468 436.500 9600bps FSKTI0IRAr
DSLWP-A1(A) (LO-93)43471 435.425/2222.810436.425500/250bps GMSK JT4GBJ1SMi
DSLWP-A2(B) (LO-94)43472 435.400/2275.220436.400500/250bps GMSK JT4GBJ1SNr
Luojia 1-0143485 437.250 4800bps GMSK i
EnduroSat One43551 437.050437.0509600bps GMSK MusicLZ0AMSi
EQUISat43552 435.550435.5504k8/9k6 4LFSK CW LED *
RadSat-g43553 437.425 9600bps GMSKK7MSUi
MemSat  437.350 9600bps BPSK i
BIRD-MY (UiTMSAT-1)43589145.825145.825437.375APRS digipeater CWJG6YKN*
BIRD-PH (MAYA-1)43590145.825145.825437.375APRS digipeater CWJG6YKM*
BIRD-BT (BHUTAN-1)43591145.825145.825437.375APRS digipeater CWJG6YKLr
SiriusSat-1(SXC1-181 RS13S)43595 435.570/435.619 4800bps GMSKRS13S*
SiriusSat-2(SXC1-182 RS14S)43596 435.670/435.719 4800bps GMSKRS14S*
Tanusha-SWSU-3 (RS-8S)43597 437.050 1200bps AFSK VoiceRS8Si
Tanusha-SWSU-4 (RS-9S)43598 437.050 1200bps AFSK VoiceRS9Si
SurfSat43614 437.275 9600bps FSK i
CP-7 (DAVE)43615 437.150437.1509600bps FSK CWWI2XNR-1i
ELFIN-B43616 437.475 9k6/19k2 GFSKWJ2XOX*
ELFIN-A43617 437.450 9k6/19k2 GFSKWJ2XNX*
SPATIUM-I43638 401.000/467.000   n
RSP-0043639 145.890/436.930145.8901k2AFSK 38k4 pi/4QPSK CW8J1RSPi
STARS-Me (Mother)43640 437.405437.2451k2AFSK 9k6GMSK CWJJ2YPLi
STARS-Me (Daughter)43640 437.425437.2551k2AFSK 9k6GMSK CWJJ2YPMi
CubeBel-1(BSUSat-1)43666436.200436.200/436.990 4k8/9k6 GMSK DigipeaterEU10S*
AUTcube2  437.385437.5051k2AFSK 9k6FSK WSJTJJ2YTAu
Proiteres-2 435.650145.850145.8501k2AFSK Digipeater CW u
Ten-Koh43677 437.390437.3901k2AFSK 9k6GMSK CW WSJTJG6YKYi
Diwata-2 (PO-101)43678437.500145.900145.900FM tone 141.3Hz APRS CWD1W2PH*
STARS-AO43679 437.400/437.200437.3501k2AFSK 115kGMSK CWJJ2YSYi
Irvine0143693 437.800437.8009600bps FSK CWKK6CVBi
Es’Hail-2 (Phase-4A QO-100)437002400.050-2400.30010489.550-10489.800 Linear  transponder *
Es’Hail-2 (Phase-4A QO-100)437002401.500-2409.50010491.000-10499.000 Digital transponder u
FacSat-143721 437.350 9600bps GMSK *
InnoSat-243738 435.500/437.450 4800bps GMSK *
Reaktor Hello World43743 437.775/2410.000437.7759k6 2GFSK/1MbpsMSK CWOH2RHW1*
MinXSS-243758 437.250 9600bps GMSKMINXS2i
K2SAT 43761145.980436.225/2404.000435.835FM 9600bps BSPK u
AISTECHSAT-243768 436.730 4k8/9k6 GFSK *
Fox-1Cliff (AO-95)43770435.300/1267.300145.920145.920FM CTCSS 67.0Hz/200bps DUV *
RANGE-A43772 437.150 0.1kbps-115.2kbps FSK/MSK/GFS i
RANGE-B43773 437.475 0.1kbps-115.2kbps FSK/MSK/GFS i
MOVE-243780437.800145.950145.95012k5 BPSK CWDB0MVE*
3CAT-143781 437.250437.2509600bps BPSK CW i
SNUSAT-243782 437.625/2402.000 9k6 BPSK/1.06Mbit DQPSK i
SNUGLITE43784 437.275 9600bps GMSK i
ITASAT-143786 145.860/2400.150 1k2 BPSK/14k4 BPSKPY0EIA*
KAZSCISAT-143787 435.500 9600bps GMSK *
Irvine0243789 437.450 9600bps FSK i
Eaglet-143790 435.200/435.800 1200bps n
ESEO437921263.500145.930/145.895437.000FM 1k2BPSK 4k8/9k6GMSKIW4DULi
FUNcube-443792 145.895 1200bps BPSK i
CSIM-FD43793 437.250 9k6/19k2 GMSK *
Astrocast-0.143798 437.147/2403.000 1200bps FSKHB9GSF*
JY1Sat (FUNcube-6 JO-97)43803435.100-435.120145.875-145.855145.840SSB 1k2BPSK CWJY1SAT*
Suomi-10043804 437.775/2410.000 9600bps GMSK *
Al-Farabi-243805 436.500436.5004800bps GMSK CWUN1GWA*
PW-Sat243814 435.275 1k2/9k6 BPSKPWSAT2r
ExseedSat-1 (VO-96) 435.340145.900 FM CTCSS 67.0Hz u
KNACKSAT  435.635435.6351k2/9k6 GFSK CWHS0Ku
SeeMe  437.425/2425.000437.450CW u
VisionCube  437.425 9600bps GMSK u
CHOMPTT43855 437.560 1k2AFSK/9k6GMSKWI2XVT*
CP-11 (ISX)43856 437.150437.1509600bps FSK CW i
CubeSail-1/2  437.305/437.505 9600bps GMSK u
DaVinci 145.100436.500 9600bps GMSK u
D-Star ONE iSat43879437.325435.525/437.700 4k8/9k6 GMSKDP2GOS*
UWE-443880437.375435.600/437.375/437.38 9600bps FSK/DigipeaterDP0UWH*
D-Star ONE Sparrow43881437.325435.525/435.700 4k8/9k6 GMSKDP1GOS*
ZACube-243907437.525/1260.250437.345/2405.00014.0999600bps FSK u
LUME-143908 437.060 4800bps GMSK *
OrigamiSat-1 (FO-98)43933 437.505/5840.000437.4971200bps AFSK CWJS1YAX*
MicroDragon43935 2280.000   n
NEXUS (FO-99)43937145.900-145.930435.910-435.880435.900/437.0759k6/38k4FSK pi/4QPSK CWJS1YAV*
Aoba-VELOX-IV43940 437.225 9600bps GMSK i
KALAMSAT-V243948 436.500   u
Delphini-144030 437.500 1k2/4k8/9k6 GMSK *
MYSAT-144045 435.775 1k2/4k8/9k6 BPSKA68MY*
KickSat-244046 437.505 1200bps FSKKD2BHCr
Sprites44046 437.240 CDMA r
Astrocast-0.244083 437.175/2406.000 1200bps FSKHB9GSFi
AISTECHSAT-344103 436.730 4k8/9k6 GFSK *
AISAT-144104145.825145.825/2259.000 1200bps APRSAISAT-1*
M6P44109 437.265 9600bps FSKLY0LSi
BIRD-LKA (Raavana-1)44329 437.375437.3754800bps GMSK CWJG6YLG*
BIRD-JPN (Uguisu)44330 437.375437.3754800bps GMSK CWJG6YLE*
BIRD-NPL (NepaliSat-1)44331 437.375437.3754800bps GMSK CWJG6YLF*
SpooQy-144332 435.300/436.200/437.50 4k8/9k6 GMSK *
Prox-1 (Nanosat-7)44339437.3452300.000   u
Oculus-ASR (NanoSat-6)44346 437.200 9600bps GMSK u
Armadillo44352 437.525 19k2/38k4 GMSKKE5DTW*
PSAT-2 (NO-104) 4435429.350/145.825145.825/435.350/437.60 1k2/SSTV PSK31PSAT2-1*
BRICSAT2 (USNAP1 NO-103)4435528.120/145.825145.825/435.350/437.60 1k2/9k6 FSKUSNAP1-1i
TBEx-A44356 437.485 9600bps GMSKKF6RFX*
TBEx-B44359 437.485 9600bps GMSKKF6RFX*
CP-9 (LEO)44360 437.505 9k6/19k2/38k4 FSKKJ6RQH-1i
Painani-144365 437.475 9600bps GMSKSPACE*
StangSat      u
TEPCE-1/2      u
ACRUX-144369 437.200 9600bps GMSKCQi
METEOR-M2-244387 137.100/137.900 72Kbps  QPSK w
VDNH-8044392 436.500 4800bps mobitex *
LightSat (D-Star One)44393 435.700/436.500 4k8/9k6 mobitex GMSK i
AmurSat (AmGU-1)44394 436.250 4800bps mobitex *
MOVE-IIb44398 145.840 12k5bps QPSK u
SONATE44400 145.840/437.025 9k6GMSK/GSFK SSTV u
TTU10144401 435.450/435.500/10460. 9600bps GFSK/GMSK u
Sokrat44404 436.000 4800bps mobitex GMSK *
Lucky-744406 437.525 4k8/9k6 GFSK *
SEAM-2.044411 437.250/2208.200 9600bps GMSK u
BEESAT-944412 435.950 4k8/9k6 mobitex GMSKDP0BEM*
EXOCONNECT (D-Star One)44413 435.700 4k8/9k6 mobitex GMSK i
NARSScube-244418  437.974CW u
JAISAT-144419145.935-145.965435.965-435.935435.7001k2PSK/4k8GMSK SSB CW *
LightSail-244420 437.025 9600bps GMSKKK6HIT-10*
Swiatowid44426436.000145.850/435.500/2435.0 1k2AFSK/9k6GFSKSR9SAT-6*
KRAKsat44427 435.500 1k2AFSK/9k6GMSKSR9KRA-6*
EntrySat44429 436.950 9600bps BPSKON02FRi
BEESAT-10~13  435.950 1k2 mobitex GMSK u
Ecuador-UTE  437.050 1k2 AFSK SSTV CW u
Lemur-2  402.450-402.600 9600bps GMSK u
MTCube  436.750 9600bps FSK u
NSLSat-1  ~401/~2200   u
CAS-7B (BP-1B BO-102)44443145.900435.690 VHF/UHF FM r
CAS-7B (BP-1B BO-102)44443  435.715UHF CW r
Taurus-144530145.820436.760435.8409600bps BPSK FM i
RWASAT-144790     u
AQT-D44791     u
NARSScube-1 (Egycubesat-1)44792  437.970CW i
FossaSat-144829 436.700 FSK RTTY 45 baud i
ATL-1 (MO-106)44830 437.175 12.5kbps GMSK *
TRSI-Sat44831 437.075437.075MFSK CW i
SMOG-P (MO-105)44832 437.150 12.5kbps GMSK *
Duchifat-344854145.970436.400 FM/APRS/9k6BPSK4H4HSL-1i
OPS-SAT44878 437.200 9600bps GMSKDP0OPS*
CAS-6 (TIANQIN-1 TO-108)44881435.270-435.290145.935-145.915 SSB *
CAS-6 (TIANQIN-1 TO-108)44881 145.890 4800bps GMSKBJ1SOi
CAS-6 (TIANQIN-1 TO-108)44881  145.910CWBJ1SOi
FloripaSat-144885436.100436.100145.9001k2/2k4 2GFSKPY0EFSi
DOSAAF-85 (RS-44)44909145.935-145.995435.670-435.610435.605SSB CWRS44*
OF-245113 435.040/2426.000 9k6 GMSK/3-5Mbps QPSKKG5UAKi
SwampSat-245115 145.875/436.600/2432.000 9k6 GMSK/3Mbps QPSKWK2XID*
HuskySat-1 (HO-107)45119145.910-145.940435.840-435.810 SSB i
HuskySat-1 (HO-107)45119  435.800/24049.0001200bps BPSK i
EDGECUBE45124 437.465 1200bps FSK u
Argus-2 (MVP-Argus)45257 437.290 9600bps GMSK i
Phoenix45258 437.350/2402.500 9600bps GMSKWJ2XOYi
CryoCube-1452592082.0042261.000   u
AzTechSat-145261 437.300 9600bps GMSK/FSK *
RadSat-u45262 437.425 19200bps GMSK i
QARMAN45263 437.350 9600bps GMSKON05BEi
CAPSat      u
CySat-1  436.375 9600bps u
HARP 450.000468.000   u
SOCRATES  914.700   u
SORTIE (Helio-5) 450.000468.000   u
TJREVERB  145.825 APRS u
QUETZAL-145598 437.200 4800bps GMSK i
BY70-245857 436.200 9600bps BPSK *
ION-MK0146274 437.515   i
UPMSat-246276 437.405 1200bps BFSKUPMST2*
TRISAT46280145.900436.500435.61259600bps GMSK CCSDS u
AmicalSat46287 436.100/2415.300 1k2 AFSK/9k6 GMSKRS17S*
TTU10046312 435.450/10465.000 9k6 FSK/GMSK/MSK/OQPSKES1WS*
MeznSat46489 436.600 1k2/2k4/4k8 BPSK A68MZ*
Yarilo-146490 435.350   *
Yarilo-246491 435.550   *
DEKART46493 437.000 4800bps mobitex *
Norbi46494 436.700 9600bps FSK/250k_LoRaCUBSAT*
SALSAT46495 435.900/435.950 1200bps AFSK *
NETSATT-1~446504~7 435.600 9600bps FSKDP2NSA~D*
BY70-346839 437.600 9600bps BPSKNPUBY3*
SPOC46921 437.350/2401.300 9k6 GMSK/2Mbps QPSKMOCI-1i
Bobcat-146922 436.600 9k6/38k4/57k6 GMSKBOBCAT-1*
NEUTRON-146923145.840435.300 9k6 FSK/1k2 BPSK_KISSWH6DNU-1i
DESCENT46925 435.775 19k34 GMSK u
SATLLA-146927 437.250/2401.000 476bps-9k6bps u
APSS-146932 435.100 9600bps GMSK u
CAPE-347309 437.325/145.825 1k2 AFSK/9k6 FSKW5UL-11*
Fox-1E (RadFXsat-2 AO-109)47311145.860-145.890435.790-435.760435.7501k2 BPSK,SSB,CW,FT4 *
MiTEE-147314 437.800 9600bps FSKWL9XJHi
CP-12 (ExoCube-2)47319 437.150437.1509600bps FSK CWKK6HITi
Q-PACE  437.275 9600bps FSK i
INCA  437.125 200kbps MSK u
UVSQ-Sat47438145.905437.020 1k2/9k6 BPSK FMLATMOS-1*
YUSAT-147439145.825436.250 1k2AFSK/9k6GMSKBN0YSi
ASELSAT47441 436.950   u
SOMP-2B47445 435.600 9600bps GMSKDP2TUD*
IDEASSat47458 437.345/2420.000 9600bps GMSKBN0IDAi
ARCE-1A/1B/1C  2417.000/2449.2815 BPSK QPSK FSK u
SDSAT47721 435.500435.500RTTY CW i
WARP-0147924 437.425437.4251k2GFSK 4FSK CWJQ1ZTK*
RSP-0147925 145.810145.8101k2AFSK/9k6GMSK/19k2FSK CW8N1RSP*
Tausat-147926 436.400436.4009600bps BPSK CWTAUSAT-1*
Tsuru (BIRDS-4)47927145.825145.825437.3754k8FSK APRS CWJG6YMX*
STARS-EC(A)47928 437.405/437.200437.245115k2 CWJJ2YVA*
STARS-EC(B)47928 437.425/437.200437.255115k2 CWJJ2YVB*
STARS-EC(C)47928 437.400/437.200437.350115k2 CWJJ2YVCu
Maya-2 (BIRDS-4)47929145.825145.825437.3754k8FSK APRS CWJG6YMYi
OPUSAT-II (Hirogari)47930436.500145.900145.9001k2AFSK/9k6/13k6GMSK CWJL3ZKS*
GuaraniSat-1 (BIRDS-4)47931145.825145.825437.3754k8FSK APRS CWJG6YMZ*
CANYVAL-C147938 436.330 4800bps GMSK u
CANYVAL-C247938 437.500 4800bps GMSK u
SIMBA47941 435.310 9600bps GMSK u
UniSat-747945 437.425 9600bps FSKII0US*
NanosatC-Br247950 145.865 1k2/2k4/4k8/9k6BPSKNCBR2*
CubeSX-Sirius-HSE47951 437.050/10465.000 9k6FSK/DVB-S2RS14S*
CubeSX-HSE47952  435.650/10455.000 9k6FSK/DVB-S2RS13S*
KSU-Cubesat47954 437.130 4800bps GMSKKSUC1*
KMSL47958 437.265 9600bps BPSKKMSLAB-1i
GRBALPHA47959145.905437.025437.0259k6GFSK Digipeater CWOM9GRB*
ORBICRAFT-ZORKIY47960 437.850/437.950/10465.000 2k4/9k6 FSK  DVB-S2RS15S*
STECCO47962 435.800 9600bps FSK i
DIY-1 (Arduiqube DO-111)47963 437.125437.125100bdRTTY 500bdFSK CWCONDOL*
SMOG-1 (MO-110)47964 437.345437.3452GMSK CW *
BCCSAT-148041 435.635435.6354800bps GMSK CW *
FEES48082 437.200 9600bps FSK/Lora *
BEESAT-548083 435.950 4800bps GMSKDB0BEI*
BEESAT-648083 435.950 4800bps GMSKDB0BEJ*
BEESAT-748084 435.950 4800bps GMSKDB0BEK*
BEESAT-848084 435.950 4800bps GMSKDB0BEI*
UNICORN-1   437.160 9600bps FSK u
RAMSAT48850 436.300 9600bps FSKCQ*
SOAR48851 401.723   n
MIR-SAT1 (MO-112)48868145.988436.925 9600bps GMSK3B8MIR*
TUBIN48900 435.950 9600bps GMSKDP0TBN*
NAPA-248912 401.120/150 1200bps BPSKNAPA2u
PAINANI-248942 437.475/2410.300 9600bps GMSK u
QMR-KWT48943 436.500 9600bps GMSKLZ0KWTi
DHABISAT (MYSAT-2)49016 436.908 1200bps BPSKA68MX*
IT-SPINS49017 437.405 19200bps GMSKK7MSU*
LEDSAT49069 435.190 9600bps GMSK *
FossaSat-1b  436.700/436.800 9k6GMSK 125k Lora CW f
FossaSat-2  436.700/436.900 9k6GMSK 125k Lora CW f
GENESIS-L 145.875434.203/436.875436.87550bps_ASK CWAM2SATf
GENESIS-N 145.888434.216/436.888436.88850bps_ASK CWAM3SATf
Hiapo  437.225 9600bps FSK f
Qubik-1  435.240 9k6GFSK/GMSK/BPSK 19k2/38k4 f
Qubik-2  435.340 9k6GFSK/GMSK/BPSK 19k2/38k4 f
Serenity  437.100 4800bps FM f
CUTE49263 437.250/2402.000 9k6/19k2GMSK 1MbpsBPSKCUTE*
Binar-149272435.810435.810/437.292 1k2/19k2GMSKVK6BUS*
Maya-349273145.825437.375437.3754800bps GMSK CWMAYA3*
Maya-449274145.825437.375437.3754800bps GMSK CWMAYA4*
CUAVA-149275145.875/2404.000437.075/2440.000 9600bps GMSK u
CUAVA-1492755660.000/76.750GHz5840.000/76.750GHz 9600bps GMSK u
TeikyoSat-449396 437.450/5831.000437.4501k2AFSK/9k6GMSK/115k2FSK CWJS1YHH*
NanoDragon49398 437.365 1200bps BPSK u
Z-Sat49399435.480145.875145.8759k6GMSK FM CWJJ2YPO*
KOSEN-149402 21.125-21.150 435.5251k2AFSK/9k6FSK CWJR5YGJ*
CAS-9 (XW-3 HO-113)50466145.870435.180 VHF/UHF SSB *
CAS-9 (XW-3 HO-113)50466  435.575UHF CW *
CAS-9 (XW-3 HO-113)50466 435.725 4k8 GMSK telemetryCAS9*
BELIEFSAT-1 435.825145.825 1200bps FM u
Teve4/5/6/750998145.970436.400 9600bps BPSK FMT4ATA etc*
Grizu-263A51025 435.675/437.190 2k4/4k8 FSK *
SanoSat-151032 436.235436.235500bps  GFSK RTTY CWAM9NPQ*
IRIS-A51040 435.575/436.915 9600bps GMSK LoRaBN0IOT*
BRO-551061 401.735   *
Tevel/2/3/851069145.970436.400 9600bps BPSK FMT1OFK etc*
SATLLA-2A51072 437.250 9k6 FSK 62.5k LoRa u
SATLLA-2B  437.250 9k6 FSK 62.5k LoRa *
EASAT-251073145.875436.666436.6661k2/2k4 AFSK FM APRS CWAM5SAT*
Delfi-PQ51074 436.650 1k2/(2k4)/19k2 FSKDLFIPQ*
HADES51075145.925436.888436.8881k2/2k4 AFSK FM APRS CWAM6SATu
FossaSat-2E5  401.700 9600bps GFSK 125k LoRa u
FossaSat-2E6  401.700 9600bps GFSK 125k LoRa *
Dodona  401.500 19200bps GFSK u
PION-BR1  437.300 1k2/9k6 GFSK u
PyCubed-1  437.290 3000bps FSK LoRa u
TartanArtibeus-1  437.170 3000bps FSK u
TRSI-2  437.075437.075MFSK CW u
VZLUsat-2  437.325 1k2/4k8/9k6 GMSK u
CAS-5A 21.385-21.41529.505-29.475 HF/HF   SSB t
CAS-5A 21.3925-21.4075435.5325-435.5175 HF/UHF  SSB t
CAS-5A   29.465HF CW t
CAS-5A 145.805-145.835435.555-435.525 VHF/UHF SSB t
CAS-5A 145.925435.600 VHF/UHF FM t
CAS-5A   435.570UHF CW t
CAS-5A  435.650 4k8 9k6 GMSK telemery t
CAS-5B   435.720UHF CW t
CAS-7A 21.245-21.27529.465-29.435 HF/HF   SSB t
CAS-7A   29.425HF CW t
CAS-7A 21.3125-21.3275435.3725-435.3575 HF/UHF  SSB t
CAS-7A   435.430UHF CW t
CAS-7A 145.865-145.895435.415-435.385 VHF/UHF SSB t
CAS-7A  435.480 4k8 9k6 GMSK telemetry t
CAS-7A  10460.000 1 Mbps  GMSK image data  t
CAS-8A 145.805-145.835435.540-435.510 VHF/UHF SSB t
CAS-8A   435.575UHF CW t
CAS-8A 435.735  4K8 9K6 GMSK telemetry t
CAS-8A 2405.100  4K8 9K6 GMSK telemetry t
CAS-8A 2405.100  192kbps GMSK image data t
CAS-8A 2405.300  Inter-satellite link t
CAS-8B 145.840-145.870435.625-435.595 VHF/UHF SSB t
CAS-8B   435.580UHF CW t
CAS-8B  435.750 4K8 9K6 GMSK telemetry t
CAS-8B  2405.100 4K8 9K6 GMSK telemetry t
CAS-8B  2405.100 192kbps GMSK image data t
CAS-8B  2405.300 Inter-satellite link t
CAS-8C 145.875-145.905435.660-435.630 VHF/UHF SSB t
CAS-8C   435.585UHF CW t
CAS-8C  435.775 4K8 9K6 GMSK telemetry t
CAS-8C  2405.300 Inter-satellite link t
CAS-8D 145.910-145.940435.695-435.665 VHF/UHF SSB t
CAS-8D   435.590UHF CW t
CAS-8D  435.800 4K8 9K6 GMSK telemetry t
CAS-8D  2405.300 Inter-satellite link t
RS series Inactive(i)
RS-1 (Radio Sputnik 1)1108526-Oct-78 Non-Operational i
RS-2 (Radio Sputnik 2)1108626-Oct-78 Non-Operational i
RS-3 (Radio Sputnik 3)1299717-Dec-81 Non-Operational i
RS-4 (Radio Sputnik 4)1300017-Dec-81 Non-Operational i
RS-5 (Radio Sputnik 5)1299917-Dec-81 Non-Operational i
RS-6 (Radio Sputnik 6)1300217-Dec-81 Non-Operational i
RS-7 (Radio Sputnik 7)1300117-Dec-81 Non-Operational i
RS-8 (Radio Sputnik 8)1299817-Dec-81 Non-Operational i
RS-9 (Radio Sputnik 9)   Project Cancel c
RS-10 (COSMOS 1861)1812923-Jun-8729.357/29.403Non-Operational i
RS-11 (COSMOS 1861)1812923-Jun-8729.357/29.403Non-Operational i
RS-12 (COSMOS 2123)210895-Feb-9129.408/29.454Non-Operational i
RS-13 (COSMOS 2123)210895-Feb-9121.138/29.504Non-Operational i
RS-14 (Informator-1)2108729-Jan-91145.822/145948Non-Operational i
RS-15 (Radio Rosto)2343926-Dec-9429.3525/29.3987Unknown u
RS-16 (Mozhayets-2)247444-Mar-97435.510Non-Operational r
RS-17 (Sputnik 40)249585-Oct-97145.820Non-Operational r
RS-18 (Sputnik 41)2553325-Oct-98145.812Non-Operational r
RS-19 (Sputnik 99)2568516-Apr-98145.815Non-Operational r
RS-20 (Mozhayets-3)2756028-Nov-02145.828/435.319Non-Operational r
RS-21 (Kolibri-2000)2739426-Nov-01145.825Non-Operational r
RS-22 (Mozhayets-4)2793927-Sep-03432.098/435.352Unknown u
RS-23 (Tatyana)2852320-Jan-05435.215/435.315Non-Operational i
RS-24   Unknown u
RS-25 (Mozhayets-5)2889827-Oct-05435.325Unknown u
RS-26 (Sinah-1)288935-Oct-05 Engineering i
RS-27 (Baumanets-1) 26-Jul-06 Launch failed f
RS-28 (UgatuSat)3586917-Sep-09435.264Non-Operational r
RS-29 (Sterkh)   ID reserved i
RS-30 (Yubileiniy-1)3295323-May-08435.215/435.315Non-Operational i
RS-31 to RS-37   for ORBCOMM i
RS-38 (Tatyana-2)3586817-Sep-09435.490Non-Operational i
RS-39 (Chibis-M)3805125-Jan-12435.215/435.315Non-Operational r
RS-40 (Yubileyny-2 MiR)3873528-Jul-12435.365Non-Operational i
RS-41 (AIST-1)3949228-Dec-13435.265Non-Operational i
RS-42   Unknown u
RS-43 (AIST-2)3913319-Apr-13435.215/435.265Non-Operational i
RS-44 (DOSAAF-85)4490926-Dec-19435.605/435.640Operational *
RS-45   Unknown u
RS-46 (COSMOS-2491)3949725-Dec-13435.465/435.565Non-Operational i
RS-47 (COSMOS-2499)3976523-May-14435.465/435.565Non-Operational i
RS-48 (AIST-2D)4146528-Apr-16435.315Non-Operational i