The finished radio. Made by Espey in 1944

Latest acquisition and restoration as of March 2018, this WWII radio was a tough one to get operational. A lot of modifications had been done to this radio, so schematics were basically worthless. Re-capped the entire unit, and figured out the modifications and finally got it working.

This radio was designed for entertaining and maintaining the morale of troops during WWII. This radio set was designed to be run either off of batteries, or 110 line voltage. Troops in hospitals, rear echelon areas, or barracks could tune in and listen to news, and music, and they were called “Morale” radios.

Provides for the reception of voice-modulated signals in the broadcast band 0.54-1.5 MHz (AM Radio)
and additionally, two HF bands 3.6-8.5 MHz and 8.5-19 MHz. (Shortwave Radio)

Under the chassis is the printed circuit and WWII parts list
As Found
Case stripped to bare metal, looks like in the past something leaked on it and rusted it a bit.
Ready for etching primer and coat of wrinkle finish.
Coat of wrinkle finish applied. In the top right corner you can see the paint is still smooth, application of heat and time will cause the wrinkles to completely cover it.
The finished radio. Made by Espey in 1944