Online Dish Pointer

NEW Dish Pointer for Geostationary Satellites.

I created a Satellite Dish Pointer page over the weekend, added in all 539 current geostationary satellites, and added a map to find your location and then automatically calculate the Longitude, Azimuth,(true north), Azimuth (magnetic north), Elevation, and Skew angles for both 0° and 90° degree style dishes.

Magnetic Declination tables were updated from NORAD databases as of 1/23.

I revisited and two other satellite dish pointers and realized that their databases were quite old and did not include the current satellites, nor were the locations all accurate. So I created a new list with all orbital locations current as of January 21, 2023

I also added the ability to enter Longitude/Latitude either by

  • 40 degrees, 12.5 minutes or
  • 40.20833 degrees, 0 minutes

And because it was too cold/wet to go out, I added GOES 17 and GOES 18 imagery to the map (updating every 1/2 hour).

Here is the link to the Satellite Dish Pointer page. I hope you find it useful.

Satellite Dish Pointer

Credit to Paul Lutus for his open-source scripting that allowed me to adapt it for my site, T.S. Kelso and Celestrak for the TLE’s for geostationary satellites