Online Dish Pointer

NEW Dish Pointer for Geostationary Satellites. I created a Satellite Dish Pointer page over the weekend, added in all 539 current geostationary satellites, and added a map to find your location and then automatically calculate the Longitude, Azimuth,(true north), Azimuth (magnetic north), Elevation, and Skew angles for both 0° and 90° degree style dishes. Magnetic Declination tables […]

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Satellite Orbiting Earth

Himawari-8 to Himawari-9 Transition

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) will switch operations from Himawari-8 to Himawari-9 on 13 December at 05:00 UTC Himawari 9 has been in space in on-orbit storage since 2016, Happily waiting for its chance to become the primary Satellite, taking over from Himawari-8. Same tech, identical satellites, same AHI sensors, etc. Now is the time […]

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Simon’s World Map

UPDATE: 11/26/2022 Simon has updated the map (1.3.5) with a few new options that I asked for, one was a lighter track for the satellites so they would show on darker maps like my geo-ring maps (below). Zoom now makes use of the whole screen in Zoom mode even if the aspect ratio was not […]

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