What will the neighbors think?

I’ll tell you what they’ll think. They think Doc Brown has moved to town!

So they’ll be wondering what you’re doing up on the roof, again, messing around with that thing on the pole that looks like an egg beater or a large science fair version of DNA. They’ll see you out in the freezing rain, pulling apart that weird contraption, again, making some kind of adjustments, then disappearing back inside the house, doing God knows what? And then just as they forget about your strange behavior, they’ll look out there window and see, wait, what is that, is that a satellite dish? Is he trying to search for E.T.? Whats he pointing it at, there’s nothing up there!

Ah, but you’ll know. You will know that NOAA and NASA spent 11 billion dollars on a series of satellites, and launched them, way out into space, and parked them in a geostationary orbit for you to tap into. And you’ll know, that if you point your dish at 75.2° West, and raise the elevation just so, to maybe 38.5°, you, with just the smallest pieces of hardware, some connectors, and a lot of patience, you’ll be able to look back on the earth from 23,000 miles away!

You will have the satisfaction to know that you, and a lot of like minded people all over the world, just wanted to see if “IT” could be done. You’ve proven you don’t need a big government lab, with huge satellite dishes and CRAY supercomputers, but that you, with some time and effort and a VERY modest budget did something that’s pretty cool.

Don’t worry about the black unmarked vans that circle your street, or the quiet, almost in audible clicks on your telephone line when you pick up the phone. I am sure those are normal……

Now, you’re gonna need a bigger dish, maybe something 12′ across, of course it’ll need a tracking servo motor drive system, and a bigger cantenna to really get that big signal. All that will require some trenching for power and maybe some CAT5 lines, and a new router. Probably going to need more storage too….

“We may have to Blast!” Doc Emmet Brown, Back to the Future III

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