Simon’s World Map

UPDATE: 11/26/2022 Simon has updated the map (1.3.5) with a few new options that I asked for, one was a lighter track for the satellites so they would show on darker maps like my geo-ring maps (below). Zoom now makes use of the whole screen in Zoom mode even if the aspect ratio was not 2 : 1, So you can set it to fill a monitor or tv! Prefixes – added outline text format, good when using a dark map such as Vegetation or my geo-ring.

When I see a great piece of software, I like to share it with those who may not know of it. I had a very early version of this, and am very happy to see that it has been rewritten and vastly improved upon.

This little gem is a world map. And yes, there are quite a few of them out there that track satellites, the moon, etc. But, this one is highly configurable and comes packed with some great features for the satellite enthusiast. DDE tracking, Rotator support, the ability to add stations, customize the map, and so much more. I won’t go into too much detail as Simon has done a great job of laying out the details! Requires minimal CPU power, and will run on any Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 system using x86 architecture.

Since I already generate them, I am using a daily global received geo sat image as the background map. The software has a list of maps, and a custom section for you to add your own, which I did here.

The world map can be downloaded from Simon’s site here

Be sure and download the latest version, which, as of this writing was Version 1.3.5 Released November 26thh, 2022.