Goestools for Windows

Goestools for Windows

What’s in a name? -Wingoes perhaps?


Great news for those who may be hesitant to take the plunge into LINUX or using a Raspberry PI or equivalent SBC, Jamie Vital, who has written some very cool software for satellite imagery display, has ported the goestools software written by Pieter Nordhuis to run on windows!

Jamie included a few recent patches that had not been merged into goestools previously while staying true to the current version of the software. Most of his work went into re-structuring the build system. Additionally, there were many instances of gcc/Linux-specific syntax and APIs within the main program that needed to be modified to work with Windows.

Installing and running the programs

Once you have a dish, amplifier, and SDR set up;
Download the latest build from Jamies Github page goestools-win. Then, extract the zip and start the bat files goesrecv, followed by goesproc.

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista or newer, 64-bit (Windows 10 or newer recommended).
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 64-bit.
  • An RTL-SDR or AirSpy SDR with driver installed
  • Proper dish and amplifier for LRIT/HRIT reception

Tools verified to work:

  • goesrecv
  • goesproc
  • goeslrit
  • lritdump
  • areadump
  • goespackets
  • packetinfo
  • benchmark
  • compute_sync_words
  • goesemwin – GOES-N EMWIN only. Built and verified operation for completeness.
  • dcsdump – Old DCS lrit files only. New ones don’t work on Linux either.
  • unzip – Can extract zips with a single file in it, like the data section of NWS/EMWIN lrit image files. For debugging purposes.
Working great on my system!