Vitality GOES

Vitality GOES- A new tool to work with imagery created by goestools

Jamie Vital has built a Web App for showcasing Geostationary Weather Satellite Data. The software is designed to display text and images received from GOES satellites via goestools.

The author has written a great description of the software package he created and has it over on his github page which you can find here:

Youtube preview of the software

What does Vitality GOES do?

Vitality GOES makes data from the GOES HRIT/EMWIN feed easily accessible, through a web browser, from anywhere on your local network. Even if the internet goes down, people on your local LAN can still access real-time weather information.

Vitality GOES has the following features:

  • Once set up by the ground station technician (you!), Vitality GOES is easily usable by anyone with no knowledge of radio, satellites, or programming.
  • It presents all full-disk, Level 2 products, and mesoscale imagery in a user friendly and easily navigatable way.
  • Pertinent EMWIN data (which includes current weather conditions, forecasts, watches, and warnings) are presented to the user in a way that is appealing and easy to read. There is no need to parse through data for other locations: your configured location’s data is the only thing you’re shown. For a writeup on the EMWIN data Vitality GOES pulls and how it’s used, see here.
  • It is able to monitor the status of the underlying goestools stack, including systems temps, error correction rates, and packet drop rates.

How does it work?

The following diagram shows how data flows from a GOES satellite, through Vitality GOES, and to your end-users:

Vitality GOES reads data saved to disk that came from goestools and secondary processing scripts

To put it simply: goestools and secondary scripts dump data to a folder on the ground station computer. From there, Vitality GOES reads the data and presents it to the user on their device across the local network.

A few examples running on my system while I was testing it.

Added the ability to display my composite Meteor Imagery

And the ability to display GOES 16, 17, and 18 (18 is from last weeks interleave tests)