A collection of PowerShell scripts for doing cool things with Pieter’s goestools software.

Wanted to share this work posted over on Github by JVital2013. A series of power shell scripts that work with goestools. The first and most useful to me right now is goesrecv-rtltcp.ps1 This script allows you to monitor the RF spectrum of your goestools-dedicated SDR in programs like Gqrx and SDRSharp – all while your goestools stack is still running.

This is perfect timing right now as I am working on resolving a members AWS-1 Band RF interference and sending the resulting spectrum to the NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) to try and figure out the HRIT, and HRPT interferences that have been plaguing some users of late. Note you cannot use SDR# to change frequency as it is only processing the same spectrum that goesrecv sees in the setup (1694.1 GHz)

Example of HRIT

There are also a couple of other tools, such as goesrecv-iq.ps1 which has the ability to record IQ samples from your goestools-dedicated SDR to a file. You can then play this baseband file back in the SDR software of your choice. And goesrecv-vcidmon.ps1 which monitors the current Virtual Channel ID (VCID) being broadcast, and counts the number of contiguous packets.

VCID streaming in

The instructions are clear and concise, and installation is as simple as copying some files to your PC (Powershell Required) and modifying the scripts to match your IP addresses, and possibly adding a line to goesrecv.conf

I forked it to my github, but here is the direct link to the author’s github https://github.com/JVital2013/goesrecv-ps