CIMSS Presentation Results

Well, I gave my PowerPoint Presentation on DIY NOAA APT & GOES-R Satellite Reception using Software Defined Radio. This was done via WebEx and I think there were about 30 + people in virtual attendance. I have to admit it’s been a while since I talked publicly. And I was a bit nervous, but I was confident about my end of things.

It’s difficult to talk to an audience that you can get no reaction from until the very end of the presentation. So I talked, and talked about how APT and GOES reception works via SDR. I tried to condense something that I had been working for quite a long time into about 14 mins. Not an easy task. I was surprised at the very end of the presentation to the interest in the system I had built. And even later as emails started coming in from folks who had seen the presentation and offered kudos and even more questions.

So If you’re just dying to see me ‘virtually’ here I am…I show up about 24 mins into the presentation by others:

And here is the Power Point Presentation I created and used:

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