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How I got from there, to here.

Life is funny. Growing up in rural area, I felt like being young was going to last forever. When would I get ‘older’? What would I be when I got ‘older’? Then I got older. Sounds strange to say it out loud, but it happens. Now that I am ‘older’ I still wonder what I’ll […]

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I like fixing stuff

I like fixing stuff, doesn’t really matter what it is, if its broke, I fix it. Sometimes it’s not broke, but I still fix it and make it better. For instance, other folks have developed some really cool open source software. Works great, does it’s job. But I can’t resist figuring it out and making […]

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Invited to present at SSEC CMISS

On Sept 14th I’ll be making a presentation to staff of the University of Wisconsin – Space Science and Engineering Center, Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (WHEW long name). The topic will be of DIY NOAA APT and GOES R Satellite Reception using SDR. I have about 7-10 mins for the presentation. I’ll be […]

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